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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  August 22, 2014 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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hi, everybody, i'm beth troutman. we search the web for great videos so you don't have to. we got them "right this minute." ♪ she ain't no thang. it's a nasty spat at a train station. here's where it goes down now. the crazy moment when push comes to shove. >> [ bleep ]. >> the video shows an armored car guard diving out of the way of gunfire. >> the story behind a terrifying
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mall shootout. >> just loves scaring the kids. >> this whale's name is juno. meet the boy who befriended a whale. >> he laughs so much. dude starts a tornado and is starting to freak out. why this weather chasing video is not all it's cracked up to be. here we found two people who should just retire from fighting effective immediately. you got a lady here and another lady down the way here. they are having words. >> [ bleep ] >> [ bleep ] >> yeah, you hear hussy in there. she ain't no thing. >> she ain't no thing. >> well, the "she" they are
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talking about was upset. she comes back. >> uh-oh. >> she can walk now. >> oh. >> here's where it goes downhill. it goes down. watch. >> woah! >> lost her balance and fell backwards. >> watch again. goes for the wild swings, doesn't really connect, and the girl just takes two steps back, falls into the tracks, but we're not done. both of these two have to retire from fighting immediately. as she's down there, the smack talking continues. >> [ bleep ] >> girl on top thinks she's hot stuff because this girl basically fell. she goes for a nice kick to the face. >> oh, oh, oh! >> and she, herself, then falls as she tries to kick this girl
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in the jaw. misses. completely falls into the tracks herself. now they are bothac >> what time is the train coming? probably thee most tense moments of guys who take cash are armored truck drivers while at the machine. this was back in april, but the video is gaining traction. a guy dives into frame, one of the guard, diving out of the way of gunfire. turns into a full blown shootout in a crowded mall. now here come the robbers. you clearly see the robbers with much larger weapons. >> yeah. >> you see the one guy take the
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bin of cash and take off with it. this shootout caught the lives of two, a guard and robber. they only made one arrest so far. >> oh, man. >> in the next video, another theft of green, but not cash this time. turf. look what was caught on security cameras outside a home in the united kingdom. two women tiptoeing up sod, to steal sod. >> literally a turf war. >> they are described as peeling up freshly laid sod and walking off with it. this happened around 5:00 in the morning. down the street they go, carrying armloads of grass. >> down the street, like, the get away car not too close to the house? >> could have been off screen, but they were at the heist for 40 minutes and taking time to stop for a smoke break. >> imagine that, and you come
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home and your yard is dirt. >> what about the joggers? people not jog anymore? >> police are still looking for these ladies. i think it's safe to say for the driver in the car up ahead, it was his licky day. there's an emergency vehicle responding it a call. that black sedan somehow crashed and ended up wedged under that big truck. the driver still inside basically crunched. takes the emergency workers a few minutes to physically take the car, lift it, and move it away from the truck it's wedged-under-par. once it's up, they use a saw to cut the doors just enough to be able to swing it open. once they do that, you do get to see the driver that's basically stuck in there. >> that's like packed in like a can of chicken. >> at this point, you get to see the face of the driver, and you see a lot of blood on his face
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from the impact, obviously. he looks disoriented, and eventually, the rescue workers free him just enough, and you can tell they are very carefully maneuvering just in case he's seriously injured. they don't want to cause anymore damage. they are able to turn him with the legs out of the car, bring a stretcher, load him up, and take him away. fortunately, even though two people were injured in the accident, everyone is okay. >> amazing anyone got out of there, you know? >> yeah. michelle cotton took her son, mike and his friends to mystic, connecticut. boy, what an experience. this happened last october, but it's going viral now. not of the little boy's antics, but because of the whale. >> ha-ha! >> this whale's name is juno, a
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young whale, and he was not showing any aggression. it's just positive reenforcement behavior. it's a form of play for him. now, he may look familiar to you because he's the same whale from the video we shared before. ♪ >> you know, the whale might have an ache, can you look at it quick? >> whatever it was, it was awesome. for the kids, what a wonderful, once in a lifetime experience at the aquarium. how often do you get to play with a whale? they had a play date with a whale, who gets to say that? >> like fun uncle larry, just having a good time with the kids. >> to tell us about the experience, we have his mom, mike, and his dad. wac to the show, you guys.
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apparently, that was not the first time he played with him like that? >> it was not. that was the surprising thing. there were one or two other instances he did it. that's the reason i pulled out the phone and figured, well, he might do it again, never know. >> what do you think of the experience with the whale? >> did you like it? >> yeah, i did. >> was it fun? >> yes, it was. >> believe it or not, this is where we are going tomorrow. >> do the marine experts say why he does that? >> juno learned this, in other words, learned behavior to entertain the kids, and he does stuff like this a lot, like he'll open his mouth to see the kids laugh. >> we laughed so much. >> it's getting comments of people saying that the whale was showing aggression. what is your reaction to that? >> i was beat up about it. honestly, i don't think it was aggression because it was not doing it to the other kids there. >> thank you for sharing the video, appreciate it. >> thank you, you too.
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>> have a good day. a drummer hands over his sticks to a young girl, and this is what happened. see how she puts on a banging show. and the man known as ron swanson is sharing genius shower thoughts. >> if your shirt is not tucked into your pants, then your pants are tucked into your shirt. more thoughts that make you think, next.
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pulled into the station, and -- >> check out this dust devil twisting in the outback of australia. this guy driving along, notices it, and is starting to freak out. you see the guy say, i'm going to run into this willie, willie. that's a term for a dust devil in australia. he runs towards it. >> that is absolutely -- >> he's going to get willie willie hurt if he's closer. >> the wind rocking the camera, and he takes cover back into the truck. >> oh, oh. >> the rest of the video is full of noise of this wind crashing over the truck. that's all you see after that. basically, once he was back in the truck or drove the truck through it? >> hard to tell.
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there is a short description for the video. he says since posting this, i've been getting video sent my way. i couldn't pass this one. check this guy out, what do you think? >> i was just going to ask, one wonders if this is real because why would you run to it? suddenly in the middle of it. i don't know. >> you know what? you're good at this. you're on to something. remember this video? >> yes. this video of man fights off great white shark in sidney harbor? >> right. >> that video more than 26 million views, and incredible video, but it turned out to be fake. notice the uploaders's name? >> right. >> notice the up loader's name on this. >> oh, it's willie, willie fake. >> that is absolutely -- so this 11-year-old is out with her cousin on the board
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walk in a beach in delaware. there's a band performing there. she goes up to the band and says, hey, will you let my kouz p mess around with the drums? yeah, sure. this is what happens. [ drums playing ] >> i mean, seriously, are you kidding? >> 11? >> she's 11 years old. >> she's good. >> caller:s like -- >> looks like band members are saying, is that really her? they thought, let her bang around. the drummer's going, she's not that good. the damage she could cause to the career. probably paid her in skittles or something, cotton candy. >> that's awesome. >> now, you know, there's that performance, and then there's this one.
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♪ >> apparently, this is this little boy's nose. >> that's the nose, yeah. >> body parts to play the instrument with. >> yeah, well, if you can do it with your nose, it should be easier when you do it with your fingers, right? >> mom, look what i can do, no hands! >> he's probably having a good old time. >> trying to see that music. ? i'd think we all agree many a thought is pondered while in the shower, some of the most deeping thinking goes down while we're getting clean. see the always funny nick, known from "parks and recreation" to hit us up with genius shower thoughts. >> if hillary clinton wins in 2016, it's the first time two presidents have had sex with
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each other. >> that is true as far as we know. >> well, at least once. >> if your shirt isn't tucked into your pants, then your shpas are tucked into your shirt. >> that's true. >> this is from a reddit thread, and he gives creator to each thought. >> if humans could fly, we would consider it exercise and never do it. >> that's true. all want to fly. >> perspective, my friends. >> yeah. >> his delivery. >> always this dry guy, humor. >> technically, we're all sentar. >> a point there. >> funny stuff from nick as always. go to, or go to your mobile app. >> this is not your average
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aerobattics. >> he put on a show. >> see the incredible flight next. >> plus, throw on smart glasses with this wristband, and you might have superpowers. hear how you could hold more power in the palm of your hand.
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prepared to be blown away by
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fireworks. that glider is outfitted with some pretty awesome looking led lights. i know, nick, you'd love that. this is guy, and he is flying these amazing gliders, innovative, and the one he's on is called the boss, but he's rigged it with fireworks and pyrotech nicks. there's one on the nose of the plane, and this is awesome. ♪ >> between the lights and the fireworks, this looks like some kind of spaceship. you know he's done a million flights like this, but he's loving it. >> he is, a real life version of the star wars theme. >> i like it at one point you
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see actually going back and flies through the sparks he's left behind. he's doing this, and the skies of london, there to visit the london gliding club, decided to put on a show for the guys. >> oh, my gosh. what a show. you know, how do you top that? what do you do? do they make him president of the london gliding club now? awesome. growing up as kids, even as adults, we want superpowers. we want to fly. guess what? now you might be able to have superpowers. it's tech time. zach, our science guy, his superpower? science knowledge. this is less about flying and more about staying connected to technology. >> this is myo, wearable technology, arm band here. put it on your arm, and it uses emg, sends currents through your muscles and has a center to detect how you move your arms. it's able to detect gestures.
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you control things like your computer, smart phone, and the creators of this announced they partnered with different companies to let them work with smart glasses. they are marketing this as something great for workers who have jobs out in the field all day, it's a hassle if they have to pull up the phone or get to a computer. >> instead of going like this while you take notes, you have the glasses on, that's your screen, and you're controls are just thee hand movement things here, that make it look like you have superpowers. >> sure. >> less intrusive than speaking out loud than in the environment where you may not be able to or may not be able to touch things if you have gloves on or carry things. >> you look funny, goofy arm band, going like -- >> could be. may have to do it more subtly. >> the idea is it will be so prevalent in the future, it's something that everyone does.
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>> right. >> this betty has a need for speed. >> also known as grandma bad
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to hang on to. >> laughter is good medicine, but i think we can add speed to that category. speed is great medicine for ms. betty right here. behind the wheel of a 1999
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corvette. it's her son's, and she's known as grandma bad ass. she's about to race peter in the far lane. >> that was her grandson in the car taking the video. setting the lights, burn outs done. time to smash the act. >> here we go. >> go! >> grandma is fist pumping in the middle of the quarter mile! >> ha-ha! >> she's a winner. >> no! >> she won? that's awesome. >> you bet she won. >> grand ma, why are you such a bad ass drag racer? that's what the worldmen wants know. that's what the world wants to know. >> beat peter and something else. >> that's the way i beat cancer. >> she's 76 years old, diagnosed
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with breast cancer in 1997, fighting ever since, and this is one way she's done it. this is actually a rematch between her and peter. they raced last march. peter had such a blast, he call her out, said, hey, time to race again, so the green cove dragway put this event together. they had raffles, raised money, and she got a ride with her competitor first. not afraid of anything. >> no, she's not even bracing at all. she's waving to the crowd. >> now she's beating cancer, beat this guy peter, 2-0, she's going forward. that's our show, everybody. thanks for joining us. we'll see you for the next edition of "rtm."
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